This was our first stop in our journey through Colombia. We got to Bogotá after a long flight (10h) from Madrid and after watching all the movies that Iberia had on their program, starting from Bohemian Rapsody, going to the Avengers Endgame and passing through some romantic comedy. I have to say, that they had a big variety in the movies and the games were not that bad either (I think I made the record in Tetris). So after this long journey, we finally arrived to our first stop on our travel through Colombia, Bogota. Although the endless flight, it was really worth it! We stayed there for 4 days at the beginning of our journey and 3 at the end. 

Things you should know before you travel to Bogota:

Language: Spanish
Population: 8 milion
Currency: Colombian pesos
Location: Colombia
Interesting places: Paloquemado, La septima, Montserrate, Zipaquirá, Plaza Bolivar…

Travel to Bogota by plane and then what?

Arriving by plane

The best way to get to where you want to go if you don’t know the city is to take a taxi. Before going into one you can go to the information in the airport or to one of the workers there and ask for the approximate amount for the journey, just in case, and before going in talk to the driver and set the amount, because if they see that you are a tourist they’ll tend to increase the price. Also, take the official taxis that are in the exit of the terminal, and not anyone that you find on the way.

Travel the colorful streets of Bogota

Where to sleep when you travel to Bogota?

We stayed at a friends house the days we were in Bogotá, but there are also many hostels you can stay at, such as Selina. This hostel is located in the north part of the city (Cl. 74 ## 15-60, Bogotá) and it has a very nice environment. We actually went there to have some drinks in the afternoon and we loved it! Apart from that, you can find many other hostels in that area, like Republica hostel, for example.

We had our flight to Madrid from Bogotá, so we stayed for 4 nights at the beginning and 3 nights at the end of our trip. I think that it’s a great city, but Colombia has so many great places that you shouldn’t stay too long in Bogotá or you will miss the rest! 

What you shouldn’t miss if you travel to Bogota?

City center

The center of Bogotá is very different to the rest of the city. There are small houses with colorful walls and lots of graffitis. They say that the graffiti tour around this area it’s really good, but we didn’t get the chance to do it. This part if full of people selling artesanal things and museums and it’s really nice to just walk down the streets.

travel to Bogota and discover the city center

Paloquemado (fruit market)

In this place you can taste all of the exotic fruits that this country has! just go in there and have a bite of every each and one of them.

La septima

This is a street that is in the center of the city where you can find a lot of shops and stands with typical things from Colombia.

Travel Bogota. Graffiti

Plaza Bolivar

Is next to the previous street. It’s a square where you can see the Colombian Senate.


Zipaquirá is a small town that you will find an hour from Bogotá (depending on the traffic). Here you will find the Salt Cathedral, which is one of the wonders of the country. The entrance is not too cheap, but it’s really worth seeing because it’s a Cathedral that is underground and it’s all made by salt.

Travel Bogota. Visit Zipaquira


We didn’t get a chance to go here, but we heard that it was really worth it. It’s a small viewpoint and monastery that is in a mountain next to the city, from which you can see the entire Bogotá from above. To go up you can go with a funicular or walking, but careful, ‘cause it’s very high!  

Where & what to eat when you travel Bogota? 

You can find all kind of restaurants in Bogotá, but here are our favorites (and cheap 😉):

Al Agua Patos

It is in the 93 street, where you can find many different restaurants. This restaurant can be great for breakfast, but also for lunch. All its plates have a toast as a base, and then you can put almost anything you can imagine on top. It’s just delicious! @alaguapatosrestaurante

Credit: @Un Camino A Toda Hora 🦆

Vasconia Bakery

This is a place where you can find typical colombian food. It’s great to have breakfast and you can find it in 3 places around the city. If you go here, you must definitely try the Tamal Santanderiano.

La Cosmica

This restaurants only offers fried chicken, but careful, it’s by far the best fried chicken you will ever have! you can find it in the 62 or 93 streets. @polleria_lacosmica

Credit: @☄ La Cósmica 🍗

Madison Burger Club

As the name indicates, this is a great burger place in the north of the city. (Cl. 119 #5-80, Bogotá).

El Pantera Taqueria

Located in Cra. 10a ###69-22, Bogotá, this small restaurants offers a great variety of tacos and other Mexican food. @elpanterataqueria

Credit: @El Pantera


More than food, here you can find really good beer here. If you are more than four you should try out La Jirafa (giraffe), a big tube full of beer. Anyhow, you can find this restaurant also in other towns in Colombia.

Travel to Bogota and enjoy the Nightlife !

I didn’t get much chance to enjoy the nightlife, but I did get the chance to go to this bar that I really liked!


(Ac. 85 #11-53, Bogotá) We went to Vintrash in Bogotá and in Medellín. The one in Bogotá is bigger but both of them are really nice. This bar has different floors and different types of music. Also, if you go here and are a big group (6-8 people) you should try the Peceras (fish tank).

Credit: @Vintrash

So is it worth to stay in Bogota in your Colombia travel?

Bogotá is a really big city, which has a lot to offer. It has so many places to visit and so many restaurants that you just won’t have time to see it all! However, being that big, you have to be patient. The traffic is terrible and going anywhere it’ll take you time. But if you have a little bit of patience with the traffic, you’ll really enjoy the city!

With all the cool places there are in Colombia, probably Bogota won't catch your attention. But in this guide, you will discover why it really is interesting to visit the capital city of Colombia. Get to know Bogota with insider tips!
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